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If your fuse box / consumer unit looks like this, then it is likely not to meet the current safety standard BS7671  


Some disadvantages of this arrangement:

Your consumer unit should look similar to this arrangement

with dual RCD protection.


Some advantages of this arrangement:


When replacing a consumer unit or fuse box all the existing circuits must be tested to comply with BS7671 wiring regulations and an Electrical Installation Certificate issued for the work. The work would then be notified so a Building Compliance Certificate can be issued. It is the law that a Building Compliance Certificate must be issued.


At SMD Electrical Services, we go a stage further than the above and we also make sure we test /check every existing circuit in accordance with BS7671. We check at every light switch / socket / accessory point etc. on every existing circuit. We then provide you with a report of observations made making sure we pick-up any areas of the existing installation that might pose a danger or non-compliance with the latest edition of the wiring regulations giving you real peace of mind.











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