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We always install electrical supplies to outside swimming pools or hot tubs on an individual circuit from the main building's electrical supply. The individual electrical supply incorporates a residual current device RCD and is completely separate from the main building. 


After discussions with the client regarding the type of pool or hot tub being installed and it's normal power consumption requirements. We design the electrical layout, sizing cabling to satisfy all safety requirements including voltage drop and current carrying capacity no matter how far away from the main building the new pool is. We comply with all requirements of BS7671 and we regard electrical safety as paramount. 



Swimming Pools


The main supply cable to the pool will usually be installed in a trench, We only use correctly sized steel wired armoured cable for this application. All the electrical controls including heater, pumps, timers and pool lighting controls are housed in a purpose built pool shed. Making maintenance safe and easy. This arrangement also means that anyone using the pool cannot access electrical control gear making for safe use of the pool.        


Hot Tubs        


The main supply cable to the hot tub will usually be installed in a trench or under decking, We only use correctly sized steel wired armoured cable for this application. We provide a waterproof electrical isolator near the hot tub complying with all electrical zoning requirements.


Electrical Supplies to Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs


Typical Pool Controls housed in a lockable pool shed away from the pool. 

Typical Hot Tub isolator and waterproof box ready to be installed directly to Hot Tub 


BTEC HNC         


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